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Companies, large and small are using Xurmo to improve decision making and create long-term impact. But across all industries, decision makers face the kind of problems that machine learning excels at solving. Problems like churn, fraud and predictive analysis.



Data pertaining to quality checks at each stage of the manufacturing process for a particular product of the client was stored in a series of Excel files, maintained individually by each of the manufacturing factories. This meant that data sanctity was non-existent, manufacturing specifications weren't being met and the analysis process (while not complex) was tedious as it meant that these files would have to be transferred into a predefined format, collated, cleaned and then processed for various insights


Due to these problems the client wanted to set up a system that would simply standardize and enforce specifications for data entry & automate the BI requirements of the management teams. Using Xurmo they were able to implement a system to do this resulting in better quality, reduced waste and increased accountability.


Quality problems were detected in (near) real time
Reporting became automated