See how Xurmo
enables better
decision making.

Companies, large and small are using Xurmo to improve decision making and create long-term impact. But across all industries, decision makers face the kind of problems that machine learning excels at solving. Problems like churn, fraud and predictive analysis.



The client was able to predict demand at a distributor level with some level of success, but failed entirely to predict demand at a retailer level. They also wanted to include data points from social media for the analysis.


Using Xurmo, they were able to extract data from their existing systems, from Twitter and from news, sports and weather related websites. Using the Machine Learning algorithms available in Xurmo, various models were created, and they were then able to use data points from these different sources to build a demand prediction model that was able to predict the demand at a SKU level for a particular retailer more accurately.


Out-of-Stock situations were reduced by 50%