See how Xurmo
enables better
decision making.

Companies, large and small are using Xurmo to improve decision making and create long-term impact. But across all industries, decision makers face the kind of problems that machine learning excels at solving. Problems like churn, fraud and predictive analysis.



The requirement for this Bank was to provide a single view of all product recommendations to each of the 28 million customers based on structured (existing EDW) and unstructured data (CRM and Emails). The target was to reduce the processing time for product recommendations from the current more than three weeks to less than a day.


The lengthy SAS Scorecards were easily translated using the Xurmo interactive query language. The translated Scorecards now run efficiently on a distributed environment . The various Scorecards are tied to a simple application interface built on the Platform to generate the Single Customer View at the click of a button.


Xurmo achieved the performance target of less than a day
Provided a highly scalable solution that runs on commodity servers rather than requiring expensive large enterprise class servers