See how Xurmo
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decision making.

Companies, large and small are using Xurmo to improve decision making and create long-term impact. But across all industries, decision makers face the kind of problems that machine learning excels at solving. Problems like churn, fraud and predictive analysis.



The Client also wished to create new products that could take advantage of the social media revolution but were restricted by the inherent limitations of their existing data warehouse setup.


The Xurmo Platform allowed customer data whether it came from Facebook, Twitter, CSV or RDBMS to be loaded via scheduled Connectors that easily handled large & incremental amounts of data. The Fabric DB could store the data without any schema setup irrespective of origin or structure of the data. The processing logic was quickly created on Xurmo's workflow module to incorporate insights from various social media sources. Xurmo's Advanced Analytic modules enabled the Client to create better Member Matching models that related member information from social sites to their loyalty programs, that lasted longer and which could take user feedback to become better.


Deeper insights into customers lead to more personalized offers and in turn a 20% increase in offer conversion