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Companies, large and small are using Xurmo to improve decision making and create long-term impact. But across all industries, decision makers face the kind of problems that machine learning excels at solving. Problems like churn, fraud and predictive analysis.



A Global Pharmaceutical company wanted to analyse publically available information to gain insights about how their drugs were being accepted.


Using Xurmo's HTML connector they were able to extract comments about a particular drug from different Internet forums. As a comment could possibly belong to more than one category of information, they split the comments into sentences. They then built a model that predicted whether a sentence belonged to one of four categories using the Classification Module of Xurmo. They also used Xurmo's proprietary Sentiment model to classify each sentence into a particular sentiment. This enhanced data set was then fed into an application that could show comments broken down by drug, category and sentiment.


Feedback cycles were reduced by 70%